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BTDS has 27+ years of experience in establishing donor programs in blood and tissue banking. These programs have existed by working with and supporting professional medical staff in order to serve patients, donors, and communities together. Tissue banking is a robust industry managed by regulations and standards set forth by federal, state licensing and local entities, e.g. FDA, AATB, AOPA, OSHA, HIPAA, Uniform Gift ACT, CDC, among others.

BTDS desires to extend its body of knowledge and experience to hospitals and professional medical staff in order to support your understanding of tissue banking needs.

Consulting Services:

Tissue Bank Regulations, Licensing, and Preparation

Processor Choice and Needs

Tissue Storage, Tracking, and Distribution

Donor Programs and Recovery

Tissue Bank Partner Contracts

Tissue Bank Quality Plans and Procedures

Medical Staff Education: Safety in Allografts, Tissue Banking 101, Birth Tissue Donation