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What is the Gift of Birth Tissue Donation?


What is birth tissue? Birth tissue may be referred to as postnatal tissue and is made of umbilical cord, placenta (which contains amnion and chorion layers) and amnion fluid.

Traditionally, postnatal or birth tissue is discarded as medical waste. Why throw away this opportunity to provide the gift of healing to someone in medical need through the gift of donation?

Because of the components found within the birth tissue, postnatal tissue (after delivery of baby) has been used for decades to address and treat various types of health issues: wounds, ulcers (venous leg, pressure), barriers, and surgical applications (eye, spinal and tissue injections).

The birth tissue is processed and made into a medical application that significantly improves a patient’s ability to heal. If for any reason the tissue cannot be used for transplantation, it may be used for research or education.

There are no side effects or risks associated with the donation of the birth tissue.


Who Can Donate?


All donations are voluntary. If you choose not to donate, you are under no obligation. You should receive educational information to help you make an informed decision to donate your birth tissue.

There is no cost and no reimbursement given to you or your family for donating this gift.

Expecting mothers with healthy cesarean section delivery.

Donation of your umbilical cord does not imply donation of your placental tissue. You can donate both or either.

All donors are evaluated to determine if any active infection or history of disease may affect eligibility to donate.

For the safety of patients receiving implants developed from your donated tissues, we screen for communicable infections, illnesses or diseases. Donations that may compromise the safety of the patient are not recovered.


What is the Donation Process?


If you choose to give the gift of birth tissue donation, what is needed from the donor:

An informed consent and medical history questionnaire will need to be completed by the donor mom prior to donation. The consent may be completed any time during your pregnancy and prior to donation. The medical questionnaire is required to ensure that the tissue is safe for human transplant. The questionnaire should be completed within two weeks of delivery. All information is kept confidential in accordance with HIPAA regulations.

A small amount of blood will be collected on the day of delivery (usually performed at same time other samples are collected at the hospital) to screen the donor and protect transplant patients.

Donor screening and blood testing is performed for each donation according to strict guidelines set forth by both the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) to guard against any donation that poses a risk of infectious disease transmission.

After safe delivery of your baby, a recovery specialist works with your medical team to acquire the birth tissue in a seamless and unintrusive process.

If you choose to donate, you and your baby’s new beginning will provide the seed of healing through birth tissue donation. To learn more, or to register/schedule your birth tissue donation: