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BTDS has 27 plus years in establishing and working with donor programs in the blood/tissue industry throughout many states in the U.S.

Located in the heart of the Upper Cumberland Region and central to the Volunteer Nation and its surrounding cities (Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga); Birth Tissue Donor Services’ (BTDS) vision is to be a preferred choice in birth tissue acquisition whose dedication to excellence ensures qualified donors have the opportunity to donate. Ensuring the highest standard of integrity and safety throughout the donation process, BTDS works with the parent(s)/mother, physician and medical staff to understand and support the choice of birth tissue donation.

BTDS has 27+ years of experience in establishing donor programs in blood and tissue banking, including cord blood banking, bone marrow donation, organ/eye/tissue and birth tissue donation. BTDS specializes in establishing relationships with hospital networks and medical professional staff to provide consulting and training in these types of programs. Our goal is to be the preferred resource for medical professional staff who desire to provide additional services to their patients through birth tissue donation.

We look forward to expanding birth tissue donation programs and opportunities with mothers/parents, their physicians/medical support staff, and the communities we serve in order to create seeds of healing through birth tissue donation. Please contact us to learn more about the gift of donation:

Birth Tissue Donor Services | | 931.526.2885